My Services

Whether traditional or web-based applications, I have a long experience in software development, on both frontend and backend sides. I always use latest technologies, accrately choosed to better fit the final application

I create and maintain web presence platforms tailored to the client’s needs, from the company sites to more elaborate and complex solutions (like email solutions, corporate clouds, intranets, VPNs)

Over the years I have developed all the technologies necessary to deliver my services wherever adequate connectivity is available. I work on Linux, BSD and Windows systems.

I offer a wide range of services, both to support the development of corporate information technology, to give the assistance needed to solve software and hardware technical problems, and to train staff for the most efficient and effective use of ICT technologies in the business environment.

Competent IT support is a competitive advantage for every business entity, especially in a world increasingly dominated by technology and automation. I am an efficient and reliable partner to support growth and innovation in the entire IT sector of companies and professionals.

Although problem solving activity is ultimately an implicit feature in all the services I offer, I like to point up that it is fom me a key element. Dealing with and solving any kind of problems and difficulties that may arise in the IT environment is a very stimulating challenge.

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